Bring the best possible expertise to bear in your case

We aim to make your expert witness search experience as quick, hassle-free, and simple as possible.

Fixed Flat Fee

We offer a unique billing model that charges a fixed flat fee that is assessed if and only if you retain one of our recommended experts.

No Middleman

Once you decide, you engage the expert directly. We have completed our task – there is no continuing “middleman” relationship.

Quality Search

We do not use databases of experts to fill your cases. Each one is hand-picked, and pre-vetted for your case before you are introduced to them.

Serving The Intellectual Property Community

Here at Expert Witness Locators, LLC, we provide custom expert witness solutions for a variety of needs in any industry needed of the client. Our cost structure is simple and there are no hidden fees included. You don’t pay unless we secure a candidate YOU like.

Real Custom Searches

Although we have worked with many experts, we are not a database of experts and don’t limit our search to a database. Instead, we provide a custom search for each request. We search worldwide to find, interview and qualify experts to your exact specifications.

& Life Sciences

Providing experts in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries requires a unique set of skills. We have Researchers with the necessary education, experience or other specific understand of chemistry, medicine or biology that searching for more traditional experts doesn’t require.