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Fee Structures

Expert Search – Fixed Fee

  • No payment until the expert is accepted!
  • No hidden charges. Our fee is clear: simple adder fee at an agreed upon price for each engagement.
  • No initial cost whatsoever. We charge the same no matter how much you pay your expert. This allows you to contain costs for your client.
  • No complicated third-party billing between you and your expert. Once we place a qualified witness that matches your qualifications to your satisfaction, you and your expert can work directly with each other without the added complexities of having another party in the middle of your relationship.

Expert Search – Built-In Adder

  • If this method is agreed to, a built-in hourly adder is incorporated into the expert’s rates.
  • Expert Witness Locators bills you for the expert’s hours and makes payments to the expert when received from you (or your client).
  • Expert Witness Locators remains responsible to prove all witnesses with required tax reporting information.

When do fees apply?

  • Custom searches are performed for free.
  • Fees only apply if client retains a recommended expert.

Why use Expert Witness Locators?

  • Find the best qualified experts available.
  • Save time for you and your staff.
  • Save money for your client.
  • When using the built-in charge method, it relieves your accounting department of tax reporting for experts.
  • After a custom search, we find and present the best candidates. If you retain a recommended expert, you take it from there. You select the expert, handle the engagement, billing, etc.