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The Basics

Providing experts in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries requires a unique set of skills. This requires more research time to find your perfect expert in other expert fields. For these experts an adder is included within the expert’s rates based on each hour the expert bills in lieu of a fixed rate.

Searching for M.D.’s, geneticists, formulators or other experts in Life Sciences poses particular challengers. The researcher often must have an education, experience or other specific understanding of chemistry, medicine or biology that searching for more traditional experts doesn’t require.

As such, we will be assessing an hourly adder of $125 per hour your expert works.

No Risk

We provide a custom search for each position. There are no charges for our time – we only get paid if you retain an expert and only to the extent he works for you.

Take advantage of us – try us out – there is no cost unless we succeed!